Salome's Story

I started work at Neema Crafts in 2016 and I thank God for my job here. I am part of the tailoring department and make the washbags, make up purses and child’s pencilcases. I really enjoy my work and am grateful for all the friends I have made at Neema.

As a child, I could not speak and the doctors said it was because I had a problem with my tongue. When I was 5 years old, I fell ill, with serious back pain and went to hospital. Thankfully I recovered, however the illness caused me to lose my hearing. I had the opportunity to go to a deaf primary school, where I learnt to communicate with sign language. I completed my primary schooling and then moved on to a girls secondary school, where someone would translate the classes into sign language for me. Unfortunately it was still too hard and I did not pass.

After I left school, I heard about Neema Crafts from some friends and enrolled on the tailoring course. After completing this, I was offered a full time job and I am very happy to be working here. In the future I would like to continue tailoring, however I also have dreams to complete my business training and work in a hotel.