Paulina's Story

I was four years old when I contracted polio. It left me disabled, but my parents were very supportive. They encouraged me to walk, to stand and to lift things on a daily basis. They waited for me when I was slow and they gave me a stick to help me walk. I went to primary school and had no problems with my friends there. After finishing primary school, I studied to be a tailor for a couple of years and then I went back to school to complete my O-Levels.

When I had finished I heard about Neema Crafts and applied for work, and soon after started in the shop. I was scared to use my English at first, but through speaking to customers every day I slowly gained more confidence. From 2007 I worked in the physiotherapy unit and in 2010 had the opportunity to study for a physiotherapy certificate. After gaining my qualification I decided to leave Neema and pursue a career hotel management, but in 2012 I had a phone call asking me to come back and work in the guesthouse at the reception. I came back knowing that Neema had helped me in the past and would continue to help me, so I agreed to the position.

Without Neema Crafts, I would be at home without work, I would not have been educated or helped by anyone. I really enjoy working, teaching and studying and my dream is to own my own hotel. I know that all the experience and education I have learnt here will help towards reaching my goal one day.