Netusta's Story

My pastor first told me about Neema Crafts and then my mother and father decided to bring me here themselves to see if this would be a good place to work. When I came in I was really happy to see so many disabled people working and I could meet and chat to them. I was worried that there would be no space for me, but after finding out I could start work I was so happy. I knew I would like to make the things that I had seen in the shop.

I was loved and cared for as a child. I never had any problems with my friends or family. They all accepted me for who I am, with my disability. There were a couple of other people in the village with disabilities and so, although there were not many, people were used to it. I was able to go to both primary and secondary school and my parents paid for it. In 2009 unfortunately I failed my O-level exams and so I was unable to continue my education. For 3 years I was at home, helping with the housework and making maandazi to sell. It did not bring in much money but my parents were able to support me so life was OK. However work here at Neema is better than that and I enjoy it. I am able to give some money to my parents and I hope to start putting some of my wages into the bank soon to save. My parents are really happy that Neema is helping me. I hope that one day I will be able to go on the tailoring course so that I can learn some new skills and use these further.