Maria's Story

I was born a healthy child, however at the age of 2 I contracted polio and had a serious operation in my leg which meant I was no longer able to walk normally. Life was difficult for me as a child, because I had to walk with a stick and couldn’t move around like the other children. However I managed to attend school until I was 15 years old. After leaving school I helped in a shop and slowly learnt to sew. I then started my own tailoring business which was quite successful, and I had enough money to live. However my income varied a lot depending on how many customers I had, and I sometimes had to wait around for a long time for work. In 2013, I heard about Neema Crafts and the job opportunities for tailors here, so I applied for a job.

I was very happy to start at Neema as it was great to have the regular work and be busy all day. I have been working here for 5 years now and have learnt to make many new things. In 2018, Neema Crafts helped me build a new house, which I now live in with my husband. Every day I look around the house and can’t believe it is mine and I no longer have to pay rent!

Maria works in our tailoring department and makes cushions, washbags and make up bags.