Fidea's Story

I started working at Neema in 2016 and have learnt to make many of the items in the leather collection; the leather shoulder bag, zipped bag and clutch purses. I love learning how to make so many different things and have made many friends at Neema.

I was born deaf but was so thankful to be able to go to a deaf primary school run by the Catholic Church. I loved my time at school, where I learnt sign language and many other things. After finishing at this school I started at a mixed (hearing and deaf) secondary school, but it was too difficult for me to follow the lessons so sadly I could not continue.

My sister has always looked after me, and she helped me to enroll on a sewing course in Morogoro where I learnt embroidery. I decorated table cloths and wall decorations with little embroidered flowers. This provided me with some work, which was I was happy about, but it was not regular. Then I heard about the Neema Crafts tailoring course and so moved to Iringa to attend. Once I had completed the course I was offered a full time job here in the tailoring department. I have been here for over 2 years now and I am very happy.

Fidea helps to make our hand woven bags.