Esta's Story

I became deaf when I was 3 year’s old, after I was seriously ill. There was nothing the doctors could do and I lost my hearing. Thankfully I was able to attend a deaf primary school but my mother died when I was 8, and things became very difficult from then on. My stepmother was cruel to me and so I went to live with my older brother.

I continued with school until I was 15 years old, but then I had to stop as my father became sick and there was no money to pay the fees. After finishing school I was able to attend a tailoring course where I learnt some basic sewing skills and I was so glad I did, because when I was 18 my brother died, and I was on my own. Amazingly, around this time, my friend Evelyn, told me about the job opportunities at Neema Crafts.

In 2018, I was able to attend a tailoring course here, and then was given a job in this department. Since then I have learnt to make many new things, including pencil cases, cushions and purses. I hope to continue working here in the future so I can support my 5 year old son.